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Statutes, Regulations, and Guidance

Here you will find detailed information on the statutes, regulations, and guidelines governing working with the School Building Authority at RIDE.



Legislative Changes to School Construction Management and Oversight (effective 7/1/15):

  1. Moratorium on school construction lifted and creation of new funding mechanism.
  2. Creation of a SBA Capital Fund to provide upfront funding of school construction projects on a progress payment basis. There will be an annual application process, in addition to the traditional housing aid forms. School Building Authority Capital Fund application.
  3. The creation of a SBA Advisory Board, which shall advise the SBA regarding the use of the SBA Capital Fund, including statewide priorities, criteria for approval, and recommendations for project approval and prioritization.
  4. Necessity of School Construction applications will no longer be accepted on a rolling basis, pursuant to RIGL 16-7-41.1(d). LEAs will be invited to apply for new approvals on an annual basis, with Council on Elementary and Secondary Education consideration occurring in May. New Necessity of School Construction Approval Timeline
  5. Each LEA shall develop, implement, and maintain a comprehensive asset protection plan for every school building. Only LEAs that have adequate asset protection plans are eligible to apply for the SBACF. If an LEA fails to provide asset protection information to the SBA in a fiscal year, they are not eligible to receive SBACF the next fiscal year.
  6. Loans from the SBA Capital Fund do not require General Assembly approval, pursuant to RIGL 16-7-44.
  7. At least every five (5) years, the State will conduct a needs survey to ascertain the capital construction, adequacy standards, educational facility planning, maintenance and other capital needs for every public school in the state.


School Construction Regulations

The School Construction Program is governed by the School Construction Regulations (SCR), adopted by the Board of Regents in 2007. The SCR sets standards for design and construction of school facilities, in order to assist schools and districts in providing the quality learning environment necessary for children to perform at higher levels.

Guidelines and Related Documents