School and District Report Cards

As part of the ongoing process of school improvement, RIDE issues annual report cards on all public schools, on all school districts, and on the state itself. We believe that all community members should have easy access to clear and complete information on our public schools and on school expenditures. We also publish these report cards to meet federal reporting requirements.

See the Report Cards

As of 2012, there are now two types of summaries for school, district, and state-level Report Cards:

  1. The AMO Summary shows whether schools have met their annual targets.
  2. The Accountability Summary shows how a school did in several key areas. It also shows how schools are classified by RIDE.
School Report Cards
District Report Cards
State Report Cards

More Information about Report Cards

The following guides provide an explanation of Rhode Island’s accountability system.

Visit RIDE’s InfoWorks website for current and historical data for each school and school district in Rhode Island. See data on student achievement, teaching, families and communities, safe and supportive schools, funding and resources, and more.

Visit the NECAP Reporting site from Measured Progress for detailed results on the NECAP assessment by school, district, and state reports. Reading, math and science results are shown for all students and for each demographic group.