SurveyWorks is Rhode Island's education survey suite. RIDE conducts these annual surveys of students, parents, teachers/staff, and administrators as part of a coordinated effort to improve schools.

SurveyWorks screenshotSurveyWorks surveys ask questions to collect opinion data related to five key topic areas:

  • Student Achievement
  • Teaching
  • Students & Families
  • Safe & Supportive Schools
  • Funding & Resources

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SurveyWorks Results

RIDE want parents and the public to be well-informed as they assume bigger roles in supporting their children's education and in understanding education policy.

Please visit the InfoWorks website to find survey reports and other education data that is being reported by school, by district and as a statewide summary.

SurveyWorks table on Teacher-Student Relationship, showing that 94% of elementary students report that their teachers care about them and 96% think their teachers like teaching.

To find SurveyWorks school reports, go to the InfoWorks School Finder and then to the page of the school you are interested in viewing. SurveyWorks reports (PDF files) are on the school page in the Other data section.

Find SurveyWorks results on InfoWorks.

SurveyWorks Bullying Report on the RI DataHub, showing 57% of students statewide experiencing some bullying

The Rhode Island DataHub has various pre-made graphs that allow you examine a specific topic.

Some of these use SurveyWorks data, such as Student Reports of Bullying.

See SurveyWorks reports on the DataHub