Data Governance

A combination of policies, organizational roles and responsibilities, committee and team charters, and job descriptions that collectively describe how decisions are made, monitored and enforced regarding the management of the organization’s data.


Rhode Island has implemented this Data Governance Program in recognition of the critical nature that data plays in the “business” of education.

RIDE Data Sharing Agreement Template

Data Use: Researcher Request for Data Form

Protecting Data Privacy.doc

PARCC State Chiefs Assurance Letter.pdf

Confidentiality Agreement.pdf

Data Security Policy.pdf

Data Access and Management Policy, Student Data.pdf

Data Access and Management Policy, Certified Personnel Data.pdf

RIDE’s Data Governance structure reflects a three tiered model: 

  1. Executive Committee
  2. Data Governance Board
  3. Data Steward Work Group

Escalation of issues, questions, and recommendations move up the model while implementations of data initiatives move down.