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The InfoWorks site is designed to encourage everyone interested in Rhode Island's schools to learn more about the state's schools and to get involved with them.

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  • Student Achievement
  • Teaching
  • Students & Families
  • Safe & Supportive Schools
  • Funding & Resources

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More About InfoWorks

With parents, School Improvement Teams (SIT) and new users firmly in mind, InfoWorks data are easily accessible. The Commissioner and Board of education want parents and the public to be confidently well-informed as they assume bigger roles in the education of their own children, and in education policy generally.

InfoWorks' online charts use "live" data, so when you click a specific school, district or topic, templates load the most up-to-date numbers available and verified. Every chart has a "print" and an "email" option, to encourage you to share the data.

While the website's interface is super-friendly, there is a lot of data. 

InfoWorks graphic with 5 BEP priorities: Student achievement, Teaching, Families and Communities, Safe and Supportive schools, and Funding and ResourcesEnter InfoWorks' world through your child's school, district, or through statewide comparisons. Data are then broken into five topics. These focal areas are based on Rhode Island's Basic Education Program (BEP) and the Strategic Plan 2010-2015.

For ease of use and classification of data, InfoWorks has simplified the overlapping priorities identified in both documents into the five topic areas shown.

Go to the InfoWorks site for more information and data.