SurveyWorks Resource Center

SurveyWorks is Rhode Island's Education Survey Suite. 

The Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (RIDE) conducts annual surveys of students, parents, teachers, and staff as part of a coordinated effort to improve schools. This site provides information about the surveys and will be updated regularly to keep schools and communities informed. 

Take the Survey!!

If you have your access code you can take the survey here: https://surveys.panoramaed.com/ride/login  If you do not know your access code, please contact your school.  

Response Rates Dashboard

In this visual, each school is a bubble. The larger the school, the larger the bubble. The bubble color is based on SurveyWorks Student response rates, which range from lowest (in orange), to the highest rates in dark green. If you hover over a bubble you can see the school's name as well as enrollment, student response rate and staff response rate. You can also select just your school or district by using the filters on the right side of the dashboard. Please keep in mind that some schools have not opened their survey windows yet.

School participation rates can also be found in the Response Rates: Updated Weekly section below.

Check out these success stories and highlights!

Schools have been very creative in encouraging participation - check out these neat success stories!

Additional Information

Site Coordinators

Welcome SurveyWorks Site Coordinators and thank you for helping your school participate in the SurveyWorks program! Below are materials to help you manage the survey process. 

Questions? Contact Peg Votta or support+ride@panoramaed.com

Communication and Outreach


Communication is key! Check back here often for additional materials to help you communicate the importance of SurveyWorks!


Questions? Contact Peg Votta or support+ride@panoramaed.com

Response Rates: Updated Weekly

SurveyWorks Completion

More than 82,000 students, 13,500 parents and 9,900 staff have completed SurveyWorks! And this does not include the thousands of paper surveys that still need to be processed.  All windows remain open until March 31st, so there is still time to hear from your school community!  

View a Dashboard of Student and Staff Response Rates

This dashboard takes into account student enrollment so that you can compare your school rates to schools of a similar size. Please keep in mind that some schools have not opened their survey windows yet.

Check out this updated flyer listing schools as of March 22, 2017 with staff participation rates greater than 90%! For the March 15 flyer, click here.

Parent Response Rates

Below are Parent survey rate ranges as of March 22, 2017. Thanks to all for your continued efforts and enthusiasm!

Parent Response Rate Range Thermometer


Family Survey Results




If you have any questions, please contact Peg Votta (margaret.votta@ride.ri.gov) or contact the Help Desk: support+ride@panoramaed.com. Thank you for your continued efforts. 
If you have any questions, please contact Peg Votta (margaret.votta@ride.ri.gov) or contact the Help Desk: support+ride@panoramaed.com. Thank you for your continued efforts. 

Panorama Education

This year, RIDE has formed a partnership with Panorama Education to plan, administer, and collect feedback data. Panorama Education is a Boston-based education-technology company that works with 45 states, more than 7,000 schools, and 300 districts across the country. The Panorama platform and services enable state and LEA partners to administer research-backed surveys and to collect valuable feedback data, offering opportunities for interacting with online reporting, tracking change over time, and using feedback to inform school improvement. You can experience Panorama’s feedback and reporting tools.

Questions? Contact support+ride@panoramaed.com

Information for Families

Welcome to the SurveyWorks Family Page!

Families are critical to student and school success. Parents and guardians can help schools build upon what is working and provide feedback so schools can improve programs and services. But to do that, schools need to hear from you!

SurveyWorks asks you questions about topics such as family support, school climate and family engagement. The survey is voluntary and completely anonymous. Surveys are available in English and Spanish and paper surveys are available upon request. 

Below is a link to the actual survey as well as other information that we hope you will find helpful. Thank you for helping to make our schools the best they can be! 

Questions? Contact Peg Votta or support+ride@panoramaed.com