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RIDE supports several blogs throughout our website where Rhode Islanders and RIDE staff share their thoughts.

On this page, we have collected all of the blogs on our site - many of which share posts from Rhode Island educators other than RIDE staff. Blogs are listed in alphabetical order:

  • Commissioner's Corner: Commissioner Wagner's blog posts and messages to the Rhode Island community.
  • District Teacher of the Year (DTOY): Posts from the Rhode Island District Teachers of the Year, past and present, who share about instructional successes and challenges they encounter in Rhode Island classrooms.
  • Equitable Access to Excellent Educators: Rhode Island educators and RIDE staff explore factors and perspectives on the importance of ensuring that all students are taught by high quality educators.
  • Leadership: Reflections and insights from RIDE’s Leadership Fellow and other district and school leaders on the challenges and opportunities of being a school leader.
  • Rhode Island Poet Laureate: Reflections and poetry focused on teaching, learning, and the experience of education from Tina Cane, Rhode Island Poet Laureate.
  • Rhode Island Science Education (R.I.S.E.): A communication blog to update stakeholders in education and in the community on important developments, events and accomplishments in science education in Rhode Island.
  • Student Voice: Because student voice is an essential component of our discussion on education, RIDE will post essays written by students from around Rhode Island.

Click on a category below to filter by a particular blog:

Posted by: Kamlyn Keith on 1/18/2019 | [PRC_COMMENTCOUNT] Comments

Doreen Picozzi, MJE
2019 Lincoln District Teacher of the Year
Lincoln High School

The day I graduated with my English degree, I announced to my parents that I was exquisitely qualified to do nothing. I had not secured a degree in education. I had not developed any marketable skills. Despite my academic success, my concentration seemed impractical. I couldn’t imagine any existing company that would welcome me into its fold.

I was wrong. While my degree did little to place me on a career pathway, lessons I learned while still in school made the difference. ...

Posted by: Kamlyn Keith on 1/11/2019 | [PRC_COMMENTCOUNT] Comments

Liz Russillo
2019 Smithfield Teacher of the Year
Smithfield High School
Science Teacher

Jill is sitting at her desk during her prep period and feeling overwhelmed. She is overwhelmed because she is driven to be a more effective teacher today than she was yesterday. She is overwhelmed because she has 15 ideas floating around in her head that she wants to try with her students. She is overwhelmed because she is unsure how to stay efficient and also improve her instructional quality and depth. She is overwhelmed because she doesn’t know where to start. Jill could be any teacher across the country feeling the constant drive to improve without the resources necessary to do so. The thing is, the resources exist and they are in our buildings. Thanks to coaching, Jill is no longer feeling overwhelmed and her instructional toolbox has expanded.

Posted by: Kamlyn Keith on 11/30/2018 | [PRC_COMMENTCOUNT] Comments

Rosemary Miner MD
2019 Nowell Leadership Academy District TOY
Science Educator
Sheila C. “Skip” Nowell Leadership Academy, Central Falls campus

In early November, Nowell Leadership Academy embarked on our first ever Exhibition Day to showcase student work during the important first quarter of school.

At Nowell, we continually strive to have students work on projects that are meaningful and relevant to their lives, interests, and concerns. This fall, those projects were all on display during Exhibition Day. As students, educators, staff, board members, parents, local officials, and invited guests strolled the freshly cleaned classrooms and common spaces of Nowell, I reflected on the essential characteristics of projects that shape the best possible learning experience for our students. ...

Posted by: Kamlyn Keith on 11/16/2018 | [PRC_COMMENTCOUNT] Comments

Julie Myszak
2019 Barrington District Teacher of the Year
Primrose Hill, Sowams and Nayatt Elementary Schools
Elementary Instructional Coach

Inspiration should be everywhere in education. Students should be inspired every day by the knowledge and exploration before them, just as teachers should be inspired to learn right alongside their students. Driven by questions and curiosity, motivated by the ability to promote some form of change with their newfound expertise. This has always been - and will continue to be - the ultimate goal of education in my eyes. ...

Posted by: Kamlyn Keith on 10/26/2018 | [PRC_COMMENTCOUNT] Comments

Jennifer Saarinen
2018 DTOY Bristol Warren Regional School District
Inquiring Minds Teacher
Kickemuit Middle School

Building a Personalized and Professional Learning Network

It is true. It happened to me, too. Call it teacher burnout. Call it frustration by adding in plenty of new initiatives and acronyms for teaching and learning. Call it a lack of time for self-care and reflection. Call it what you want, but three years ago, I couldn’t see myself as an energetic, passionate, effective teacher in 2020, and I started to panic and think about what my next steps would be to make a career change.

Insert problem and real panic: There is NO other career for me. I have never had the backup plan for the chance of “what if” teaching doesn’t work out as my lifelong career.

Around the same time, someone suggested ...

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