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RIDE supports several blogs throughout our website where Rhode Islanders and RIDE staff share their thoughts.

On this page, we have collected all of the blogs on our site - many of which share posts from Rhode Island educators other than RIDE staff. Blogs are listed in alphabetical order:

  • Commissioner's Corner: Commissioner Wagner's blog posts and messages to the Rhode Island community.
  • District Teacher of the Year (DTOY): Posts from the Rhode Island District Teachers of the Year, past and present, who share about instructional successes and challenges they encounter in Rhode Island classrooms.
  • Equitable Access to Excellent Educators: Rhode Island educators and RIDE staff explore factors and perspectives on the importance of ensuring that all students are taught by high quality educators.
  • Leadership: Reflections and insights from RIDE’s Leadership Fellow and other district and school leaders on the challenges and opportunities of being a school leader.
  • Rhode Island Poet Laureate: Reflections and poetry focused on teaching, learning, and the experience of education from Tina Cane, Rhode Island Poet Laureate.
  • Rhode Island Science Education (R.I.S.E.): A communication blog to update stakeholders in education and in the community on important developments, events and accomplishments in science education in Rhode Island.
  • Student Voice: Because student voice is an essential component of our discussion on education, RIDE will post essays written by students from around Rhode Island.

Click on a category below to filter by a particular blog:

Posted by: Kamlyn Keith on 10/26/2018 | [PRC_COMMENTCOUNT] Comments

Jennifer Saarinen
2018 DTOY Bristol Warren Regional School District
Inquiring Minds Teacher
Kickemuit Middle School

Building a Personalized and Professional Learning Network

It is true. It happened to me, too. Call it teacher burnout. Call it frustration by adding in plenty of new initiatives and acronyms for teaching and learning. Call it a lack of time for self-care and reflection. Call it what you want, but three years ago, I couldn’t see myself as an energetic, passionate, effective teacher in 2020, and I started to panic and think about what my next steps would be to make a career change.

Insert problem and real panic: There is NO other career for me. I have never had the backup plan for the chance of “what if” teaching doesn’t work out as my lifelong career.

Around the same time, someone suggested ...

Posted by: Kamlyn Keith on 8/10/2018 | [PRC_COMMENTCOUNT] Comments

Emily Caldarelli, 2016-17 Rhode Island Milken Award Winner
Fourth Grade Teacher
Paul Cuffee School

Each trimester, my fourth grade classroom prepares for our parent/teacher conferences. At Paul Cuffee School, starting in fourth grade, students are not only expected to attend their conference, but also to lead it. ...

Posted by: Kamlyn Keith on 4/6/2018 | [PRC_COMMENTCOUNT] Comments

Julie Lima Boyle, 2012 Rhode Island Teacher of the Year
English Teacher
Coventry High School

Steven McKanna, 2017 Coventry Teacher of the Year
Physical Education Teacher
Coventry High School

How many of us, when asked to sit still during a meeting or presentation, sometimes find ourselves getting antsy? We just cannot sit still for extended periods. As educators, we have literally and figuratively learned to think on our feet!

Yet too many classroom teachers let a nostalgic notion linger in our minds – despite all of our work and findings to the contrary – that a quiet classroom full of students sitting still writing or reading is the sign of an effectively run classroom. Why is this?

Posted by: Kamlyn Keith on 3/20/2018 | [PRC_COMMENTCOUNT] Comments

Tonight, we’ll talk about passion, opportunities, and pathways.

Anchoring our work in passion doesn’t make education easy. It makes education possible.

When our students and their passions are at the center, when their pathways are anchored in challenging and engaging opportunities, there is no limit to what we can accomplish. ...

Posted by: Kamlyn Keith on 3/9/2018 | [PRC_COMMENTCOUNT] Comments

Lisa A. Johansen, 2017 Coventry District Teacher of the Year
AP United States History, America and Government Teacher
2012 Rhode Island History Teacher of the Year

Every teacher wants to be a rock star… to break down the difficult concepts and mold young minds to connect with their learning. When I was a younger teacher, I was no different. I remember one particular class when I was positive that I was getting the job done. I was explaining American Imperialism perfectly, yet looking around the classroom told a different story. Students were not making the connection. I noticed their collective lack of focus: some students passing notes (today they would be checking their cell phones), others engaged in side conversations, and several students, eyes glazed, gone in their daydreams. It was not exactly the most constructive learning environment. ...

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