RIDE Strategic Plan

Thank you for taking the time to read and understand our strategic plan, Transforming Education in Rhode Island.  This plan represents our best attempt to state our goals and priorities, to describe the strategies we will put in place to reach our goals, and to propose some objective measures to monitor our progress.

Our strategic plan, Transforming Education in Rhode Island [PDF, 4.4MB], is meant to be a living document that will help us set goals and establish a direction for our work over the next few years. We will be flexible and willing to adapt this plan to meet changing needs, but it will be our guiding document. We expect you to hold us accountable for moving toward its objectives.

This plan is also a vision statement, articulating our hopes and best predictions of where we need to be in three to five years and what we need to do to get there. We have set goals that are really ambitious, but they are achievable.

I want to emphasize to all Rhode Islanders the sense of urgency we feel about the importance of our work. We have a strong foundation in place, and we are building upon it. We are not changing direction, but we are certainly getting more specific and ambitious about our goals. Over the next years, we will direct all of our resources to focus squarely on these priorities.

Many Rhode Islanders contributed their ideas and their time to help us develop this strategic plan. As we put this plan into action, I will continue to seek advice from the public, through the feedback form on our website, through community forums, at school visits, and at other public meetings. I sincerely thank you for your input and support, and I call upon all Rhode Islanders to join me as we work together to advance learning for all students.

Deborah A. Gist
Commissioner of Education