Message from the Commissioner

Commissioner Deborah A. Gist

"Every decision I make as Commissioner will be based on what is in the best interest of Rhode Island students." 
-- Deborah A. Gist, on her appointment as Commissioner, 2009

During my first months as Commissioner, I reviewed the performance and needs of our students, teachers, and schools and the state education policies and programs. I visited schools often and meet regularly with many Rhode Islanders to learn about our successes and about the challenges that lie ahead.

Working with the Board of Education and RIDE staff, I will continue to use what is learned from this outreach to fine tune our action plan, Transforming Education in Rhode Island, with specific goals to guide our work.  I shared this plan with the people of Rhode Island, and I want, and expect, to be held accountable for results.

Our work is driven by urgency for improvement, confidence in our future success, and clarity about where we are now and what our aggressive goals will be to advance learning.

I assure you that every decision that we make will be based on what is in the best interest of our students.

If we want great schools across Rhode Island — the best in the world — then we are responsible for creating that greatness – all of us. I am ready to link arms with educators, leaders, and residents throughout the state to bring a true education renaissance to Rhode Island. Join me.

Deborah A. Gist
Commissioner of Education