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Posted by: Stephen Osborn on 9/19/2014 | [PRC_COMMENTCOUNT] Comments

In Rhode Island, we don’t ask our high-school students to choose between a pathway to postsecondary education or a career pathway; rather, our goal is to provide all high-school students with the opportunity to become ready for postsecondary education and for a challenging career. 
'Twas the last night of summer, the sky it was clear,
The children were ready to start the school year.
The book bags were hung by the front door with care, 
With notebooks and paper and stories to share. 
The children were nestled all snug in their beds, 
While music and poetry danced in their heads; 
They’d soon see their teachers and friends from last year, 
And meet great new teachers – there’s nothing to fear. 

I have heard high school students who are concerned about test results proclaim: “I am more than just a number!"

My response is, “Of course you are!"

You are a scholar, and you have unique interests, gifts, and contributions to make to the world. You may be an artist, an athlete, a debater, a scientist. Perhaps you have a passion for writing, for math, for geography, for design, for history, or for languages. Whatever your passions, I imagine you have dreams of an exciting and challenging career in which you can thrive.

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