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It stands to reason that regular attendance in school is the first and most fundamental element in the process of teaching and learning.  Students aren’t learning when they’re not in school, and chronic absenteeism can set students far behind their peers – often leading to poor performance, retention in grade, or dropping out of school. 
This week, let’s look at another question that many people have asked about our statewide assessments and the Rhode Island Diploma System: 

Is it true that the NECAP assessments are not appropriate for use as a graduation requirement?

No. Although we use NECAP results as one way to measure growth and achievement at the state, district, and school level, the NECAP assessments are also designed for use at the individual student level. 
We continue to see and hear a lot of misinformation about the Diploma System and standardized assessments. To continue to advance the public discussion of this important issue and to ensure that everyone understands the facts about our Diploma System, I want to post another Truth about NECAP here on the Commissioner’s Corner: