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PARCC assessments encourage students to think critically, analyze information, and explain their answers. These assessments will provide important information to parents and families about the progress their children are making in school, they will provide teachers with information about what support their students may need, and they will provide all of us with information about whether our schools are making progress. 
PARCC assessments will provide parents with information about the performance of their children and they will provide teachers with information they can use to meet the individual learning needs of each of their students.

Because PARCC assessments are aligned with the our current learning standards, participation by all students helps school leaders understand whether classroom instruction is lining up with what students need to know. Teachers and schools will improve instruction based on this information.
I am very pleased that so many Rhode Islanders have participated in the process of strategic planning and that the Council on Elementary and Secondary Education has selected such a qualified, committed, and diverse group of Rhode Islanders to take on this important work. Our goal is to have in place a strategic plan that is of, by, and for Rhode Islanders.
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