Office of College and Career Readiness

The way to every learner's future success!
The Office of College and Career Readiness, in partnership with other state agencies and organizations, is developing a comprehensive system of pathways and other learning opportunities that are designed to prepare all learners to be college and career ready.

Imagine a system that will provide all learners with:

  • Access to a variety of learning opportunities allowing each learner to focus on his or her academic and career goals.
  • Multiple ways for learners to exhibit their skills and knowledge.
  • Opportunities to earn advanced standing in postsecondary education and training programs while earning a diploma.
  • Opportunities to obtain a high school diploma with other stackable credentials recognized by higher education and by employers.

Contact Info for the Office of College and Career Readiness

College and Career Readiness

Brian Darrow  Director - Office of College and Career Readiness
Sonya Barbosa Support Staff, Division of Innovation
Patti Ricci Support Staff, College and Career Readiness

Adult Education

Philip Less
Administrator ABE & GED
Kim Chouinard
Adult Education Specialist
Nancy Labonte
Adult Education Specialist


Career Technical Education

Vanessa Cooley
Administrator Career Technical Education
Joyce Anderle
Education Specialist CTE
Paul McConnell
Education Specialist CTE
Paul Williams Education Specialist CTE

Charter Schools

Paula Barney  Charter School Coordinator 
Pascale Pierre  Charter School Specialist 

Secondary Education


Cali Cornell Education Specialist - Secondary Education
Marilyn Matzko Education Specialist - Secondary Education
Nicole Smith Education Specialist - Secondary Education


Andrew Milligan   Transformation Specialist 
Krystafer Redden  Transformation Specialist 


Virtual Learning

Holly Walsh
Education Specialist - e-Learning and Instructional Technology