Educator Quality & Certification

Every student must have highly effective teachers.
Every school must have highly effective leaders & support professionals.
We must support educators throughout their careers.

E N S U R E   E D U C A T O R   E X C E L L E N C E

Educator Quality is essential to improving student achievement. Educator Quality begins with clear standards for educator practice.  Improvement of achievement requires implementing strong practices in recruiting, developing, recognizing, and retaining talented and demonstrably successful staff in LEAs.

NEW!!  RIDE seeking to hire experienced facilitator


RIDE is seeking to hire an experienced facilitator to help plan and lead RIDE’s Teacher Performance Calibration Summit in March.  The summit will focus on recommendations for scores that determine final effectiveness ratings for teacher evaluation.  The facilitator would be expected to attend planning meetings, provide feedback on draft materials, lead the two-day summit, and participate in follow-up activities. The total expected time commitment is approximately 65 hours.

Applicants must be experienced facilitators, have policy experience, and have at least 5 years of experience working in Rhode Island.  Qualified applicants should have experience facilitating decision making meetings with multiple stakeholders involved, including but not limited to teachers, principals, and district administrators.  Because the summit will occur during school days, applicants cannot be current full-time school or district employees. 

Interested applicants should provide a cover letter, resume, hourly rate estimate, and written response. The written response must address these two questions:

· Describe an experience where you were the lead facilitator of a diverse group charged with making decisions or developing a final product and how you helped the group reach consensus.

· How would you apply your experience in policy to help guide and frame plans for the Teacher Performance Calibration Summit?

 Please e-mail all application materials to by February 5, 2016.