Assessment Schedules & Workshops

RIDE coordinates the administration of a variety of assessments and provides workshops and materials to help schools and districts implement the assessments.

Please note that individual students do not participate in all of the assessments.  Specific information, including participation and administration policies, can be found on the page for that assessment (via the link in the side menu).

  • NECAP Science

    Grades 4, 8, 11

  • Alternate Assessment - NCSC Reading, Writing, Mathematics

    Grades 3-8, 11

  • Alternate Assessment - RIAA Science

    Grades 4, 8, 11

  • PARCC - ELA/Literacy, Mathematics

    ELA (Grades 3-10), Mathematics (Grades 3-8, High School)

  • ACCESS for ELLs

    Grades K-12

  • Developmental Reading Assessment

    Grades K, 1, 2 (Limited school participation)

  • National Assessment of Educational Progress

    Reading, Mathematics, Science
    Grades 4, 8

  • Teaching Strategies Gold Progress Checkpoints Assessments

    Early Childhood Special Education, State-funded Pre-K Classrooms

  • Technology Literacy Assessment

    Grade 8

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A schedule of upcoming workshops will be posted soon.
  • Science Results: TBD

Listed below are the supporting materials for past workshops and WebEx presentations arranged in chronological order.

Resource Date Description
Spring 2012 NECAP Science Test Coordinator (Principals, Test Coordinators, District Leaders) Workshop – WebEx Presentation April 26, 2012 This WebEx presentation was recorded on April 26, 2012 for NECAP Test Coordinators (Principals, Test Coordinators, District Leaders).  Running Time is 1 hour 12 minutes.
Spring 2011 NECAP Science Results Reporting Workshop Power Point Presentation September 26, 27, 2011  
Guide to Using the 2011 NECAP Science Reports [PDF, 2MB] September 26, 27, 2011  
Using Data Simple Protocol [PDF, 258KB] September 26, 27, 2011 Simple protocol for using data to discuss and analyze assessment data.
Item and Item Analysis [PDF, 1.2MB] September 26, 27, 2011 Spring 2011 NECAP Science - Grade 8 item and item analysis report.

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