Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) Alternate Assessments

The alternate assessments are designed for students with significant cognitive disabilities. The structure of the alternate assessments are designed around the students’ physical and cognitive disabilities in a way that allows them to answer test questions and participate in the test as independently as possible.

Students participate in state assessments in one of three ways. 

  1. The general assessment  (RICAS and the new RI Science Assessment)
  2. The general assessment with accommodations (RICAS and the new RI Science Assessment)
  3. The alternate assessments

Students eligible for alternate assessments make up approximately 1% of the student population. Beginning in 2018, Rhode Island will have two new alternate assessments: 

  1. The Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) in science.
  2. The Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) in English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics.

More information on the DLM alternate assessments will be posted on the tabs below and can also be found at www.dynamiclearningmaps.org.

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