Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA)

The Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) measures students' reading accuracy, fluency, and comprehension. Participation in the DRA in Rhode Island is required for those schools in which either Kindergarten, grade 1, or grade 2 is the highest grade. Schools that have pre-kindergarten only are not required to administer the DRA. 

The following table depicts which grade level is required to participate in the DRA according to various school configurations:

School Configuration Accountability Grade DRA
Pre-Kindergarten to 2nd Grade 2nd YES
Kindergarten to 2nd Grade 2nd YES
1st Grade to 2nd Grade 2nd YES
Pre-Kindergarten to 1st Grade 1st YES
Kindergarten to 1st Grade 1st YES
Pre-Kindergarten to Kindergarten Kindergarten YES
Kindergarten only Kindergarten YES
Pre-Kindergarten only None NO

DRA 2014 Administration Schedule

Test Window May 1 - 29, 2015
Last day for entering scores/correcting student data June 5, 2015

DRA 2014 Test Administration Resources and Materials

DRA Technical Support Hotline

DRA Online Tutorial
You will need your DRA password to access the tutorial, "Getting Started with the DRA Online".

DRA Results
Each school is responsible for compiling individual student results reports and ensuring that parents receive a copy.  Annual NCLB accountability classifications for schools that administer the DRA follow the same rules that are applied to schools that administer the NECAP assessments.

Student Scores and the DRA Online Management System (OMS):  What to Enter
Log on to the DRA OMS and then enter the results of the DRA Independent Level at which the student reads. 
NOTE: The level of success is the level at which the student achieves a 94% accuracy rate and adequate comprehension or better (score of 12-24).

Dates TBD - More information coming soon!

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