Interim Assessments

The primary purpose of the interim assessments is for instructional planning and monitoring purposes. The interim assessments being developed under the Race to the Top initiative will enable districts, schools, and teachers to use and create locally managed interim assessments – a valuable tool to help teachers pinpoint areas of curriculum for which students need additional or adjusted instruction. 

RIDE is working on phase 2 of the Instructional Support System which includes decoupling of the RI Interim Assessments from the previous Instructional Management System and making reports available through the new Instructional Support System. RIDE is planning a soft launch of the revamped Interim Assessments in October with the goal of making the system fully available to all LEAs in November.

The Interim Assessments will continue to offer two options: fixed form assessments that can be administered any time during the year and a test construction tool that allows educators to create their own tests. While the fixed forms assess mathematics and English language arts content, the test construction tool contain items for mathematics, English language arts, science and social studies. Both assessment options will be available for grades 3-11.

Updated: 9/12/14

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