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lighthouse silhouetted with the words Rhode Island Interim Assessment

Interim Assessments

The primary purpose of the interim assessments is for instructional planning and monitoring purposes.

The interim assessments were developed under the Race to the Top initiative to enable districts, schools, and teachers to use and create locally managed interim assessments – a valuable tool to help teachers pinpoint areas of curriculum for which students need additional or adjusted instruction. 

The Interim Assessments addresses English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies standards. The Interim Assessments have two formats:

Fixed Forms:  

  • Grades 3-11
  • Mathematics and English Language Arts only (no Science or Social Studies)
  • Static forms created by RIDE assessment and content specialists
  • Can be administered at any time

Test Construction Tool:

  • Grades 3-11
  • English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies item pool
  • Administrators or teachers can create customized tests for district, school or classroom use

How to Access the Rhode Island Interim Assessment System

The Rhode Island Interim Assessment is accessed through a link in RIDEmap. Educators must have appropriate roles to access the Interim Assessment site as well as the item pools. Educators should first contact their school or district administration for access. District administrators needing further information should contact Ana Karantonis at 401-222-8940 or ana.karantonis@ride.ri.gov


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