NECAP Test Administration Materials

These guides, manuals, webinars, and reference materials are intended to help local school districts with administration of the New England Common Assessment Program tests.

Unless otherwise noted all links direct to PDF documents.

Reading, Mathematics and Writing

Test Administrator Manuals
(For Teachers)
Test Coordinator Manuals
(For Principals / District Leaders)
NECAP Fall 2013 Test Administrator (Teacher) Training Workshop Pre-Recorded WebEx
Hosted by RIDE and Measured Progress
NECAP Fall 2013 Test Coordinator (Principals / District Leaders) Training Workshop WebEx
NECAP Fall 2013 Test Administrator (Teacher) Training Workshop Presentation for Pre-Recorded WebEx [PDF, 664KB] Fall 2013 NECAP Test Coordinator (Principals, Test Coordinators, District Leaders) PowerPoint -  [PDF, 2MB]

Grade 3 Test Administrator Manual [1MB]

NECAP Fall 2013 Test Coordinator Manual [1.23MB]

Grade 4 Test Administrator Manual [1.72MB]


Grade 5 Test Administrator Manual [1MB]


Grade 6 Test Administrator Manual [1MB]


Grade 7 Test Administrator Manual [1MB]


Grade 8 Test Administrator Manual [1MB]


Grade 11 Test Administrator Manual [1MB]

Grades 3-8 Student Questionnaire [242KB]


Grade 11 Student Questionnaire [242KB]


RIDE staff will be conducting NECAP monitoring visits during the assessment windows, and will be using the forms below during the visits.
Districts / schools / teachers are welcome to review and use these forms as needed during their NECAP preparation.


  • 2013 Grade 4 Student Questionnaire 
  • 2013 Grade 8 Student Questionnaire 
  • 2013 Grade 11 Student Questionnaire 

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