NECAP Science Assessment

The New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP) Science Assessment is designed to measure student performance on grade span expectations (GSEs) in science.

This page contains overall information about the assessments, such as announcements, schedule, workshops, and technical reports. In the right menu, you can find links to pages containing details about requesting exemptions, view released items and results, and download test administration materials.

RIDE invites educators to participate developing NECAP science assessment items

RIDE is offering an opportunity for classroom teachers and other educators to participate in the development process of the NECAP science assessments for grades 4, 8, and 11. The NECAP teacher committees are essential to the work of creating a valid and reliable assessment system. Many of your teachers have participated in these committees and have learned a lot – not only from the process, but also from the teachers representing New Hampshire and Vermont.

Please encourage teachers to apply to represent our students as a member of the Bias & Sensitivity Review Committee. Applications can be found on the RIDE website, at:

The Bias & Sensitivity Review Committee will convene for one day, August 7.

To prepare assessment items for field-testing, all NECAP assessment items are reviewed to ensure that they are free from language or content that may negatively affect the performance of a specific group of students. This work is done by a team made up of four educators from each state (Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Vermont) for a total of 12 educators being selected to serve on the Bias & Sensitivity Review Committee. These educators either represent specific groups (e.g., racial, ethnic, or religious groups; rural or urban interests; individuals with disabilities; recent immigrants; English language learners) or they have direct experience working with students from these groups.

To qualify, educators should meet the following criteria:
  • have current and direct experience teaching or working with students;
  • offer a unique perspective on one or more specific student groups;
  • be willing to work intensively with a team of educators for two consecutive days; and
  • have experience with the science GSEs for their grade span.
The Item Review Committee will convene on two days, August 7 and 8.

Each year, as part of preparing assessment items for field-testing, NECAP science items and the inquiry tasks are reviewed for alignment to the appropriate science assessment target, depth-of knowledge level, student accessibility, and instructional relevance. This work is done by three content-area teams of 12 educators, with four teachers each from Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Vermont on each team. The Item Review Committees meet once a year.

To qualify, educators should meet the following criteria:
  • have advanced knowledge and experience with the Grade Span Expectations,
  • have experience teaching at the relevant grade cluster; and
  • be willing to work intensively on a team for two or more consecutive days.
Applications are available on our website, at:

If you have questions about these teacher committees, please contact the following RIDE personnel:


  • Grades Tested: 4, 8, 11
  • Administration Dates: May 5 - 22, 2014
A schedule of upcoming workshops will be posted soon.
  • Science Results: TBD

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