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PARCC LogoAs Rhode Island transitions to the PARCC assessment we will provide updates on this process through this website, field memos, and informational sessions. 

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  • NewPARCC Online Resources

    Online sample items, computer-based test tutorial, and the practice test can be found here.

  • NewPARCC Practice Test

    The Practice Test was developed so that all students – not just those involved in the field testing – can experience PARCC test items the way they will appear on the tests starting in spring 2014. There will be two major releases of the Practice Test – one in spring 2014 and one in fall 2014.

  • NewComputer-based Sample Test Items

    The sample items on PARCC's website are now on the same platform that students will use on the field test. This means teachers, students, parents and others will be able to engage with the sample items using computer-based tools such as drag-and-drop, multiple select, text highlighting, and equation builder. PARCC also released online tutorials that demonstrate how students will navigate the test, how to use the computer-based tools and features that make the test more accessible for all students, including those with disabilities and English learners.

  • Item Development


  • NewField Test - RIDE Webinars

    Test Administration Webinars for Test Coordinators and Test Administrators, also Accessibility Features and Accommodations Webinar

  • Model Content Frameworks


  • Achieving the Common Core

    On the Road to Implementation: Achieving the Promise of the Common Core State Standards identifies the key areas that state policymakers will need to consider to implement the new standards with fidelity. The guide is organized by topic with short chapters. It's not meant to be an exhaustive review or a checklist of all the issues that states and districts will need to consider as they move from adoption of the CCSS to implementation. Rather, it's meant to be the starting point from which state and district leaders and their allies can organize and begin the necessary discussions around key topics to successfully implement the standards.

  • Assessment Administration Guidance Planning Tool

    The PARCC Assessment Administration Capacity Planning Tool provides schools and districts with a calculator that supports local technology budgeting and decision-making in preparation for computer-based administration of the tests in the 2014-2015 school year. This is a tool that administrators and school leaders have requested from the consortium to help them plan for a successful test administration in two years. PARCC is also releasing guidance that provides schools and districts with more information about the design of the PARCC assessments in English language arts/literacy and mathematics, as well as the number of testing sessions and the approximate time it will take students to complete the assessments.

  • PARCC Institutes


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Accessibility and Accommodations

  • What is the PARCC ELC?

    The Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) is pleased to announce the membership of Rhode Island’s PARCC Educator Leader Cadre (ELC). Each state in the PARCC consortium is creating an ELC to support the transition to the CCSS and PARCC. All ELCs will meet several times throughout each year at a consortium level to network and be trained together through in person and virtual meetings.

    The ELC is a team of 24 members that will help lead implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the transition to the PARCC assessment in Rhode Island. Rhode Island’s ELC will share best practices regarding implementation and use of PARCC materials, engage in reviewing PARCC developed – and PARCC state-developed – instructional materials and become active leaders in state and local implementation efforts.

  • What are the goals of the ELC?
  • Who are the members of the Rhode Island PARCC ELC?

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