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Student Learning Pilot 2018-19

Embedded Practice, Portfolio, and Student Learning Goals are the three pilot models for measuring student learning in Rhode Island.

They are grounded in six guiding principles: students, standards, timeframe, evidence, strategies and expectations. It is through these guiding principles that partnering LEAs will implement these models to help us better understand how we can evolve the process of measuring student learning both with accuracy and authenticity.

Student Learning Pilot Models and Guiding Principles Infographic

*NEW* RI Student Learning Pilot: Year 1 Report

We are excited to share our recently published report about the outcomes of the 2017-18 Student Learning Pilot. This multi-year, collaborative effort with stakeholders was framed by a collective effort to evolve the process of measuring student learning with accuracy and authenticity through evaluation systems in Rhode Island. For more detailed information about our process and the outcomes, we encourage you to read the report below.

RI Student Learning Pilot: Year 1 Report

National Story Map: The Collaborative for the Continuous Improvement of Educator Effectiveness Systems

2018-19 Pilot Activities

RIDE announce the expansion of the Student Learning Pilot for the 2018-19 school year in Commissioner Wagner's May 11, 2018 Field Memo. Below, participants can find the companion documents for the activities in which they will participate this coming year.

Fall 2018

Summer 2018

Scoring Rubrics and Guidance

RI Model Districts
Here you can find our newly released Pilot Scoring Rubric and Guidance document for RI Model Districts. Additionally, you can find our Scoring Rubric and Guidance Screencast which explains the process for using these documents in more detail.

Innovation Consortium Districts
Here you can find the 2017-18 presentation presentation which provides information, guidance, and updates to the rubric language for Innovation Consortium districts participating in the student learning pilot, which will also apply for the 2018-19 year.

Please reach out to edeval@ride.ri.gov for general questions and concerns.