The Rhode Island Growth Model

The Rhode Island Growth Model (RIGM) is a statistical model that provides a new way of looking at student achievement. The Growth Model enables us to look at growth in addition to proficiency to get a fuller picture of student achievement.

Using this model, we can calculate students’ progress relative to their academic peers on the NECAP Math and Reading tests for grades 3-7. Academic peers are students who have scored similarly on the NECAP in the past. The Growth Model provides students, parents, teachers, districts, and the state with another piece of data that contributes to a fuller, more descriptive picture of student achievement. Because all students’ scores are compared only to those of their academic peers, students at every level of proficiency have the opportunity to demonstrate growth in their achievement.

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Click the image for a brief overview of how the RIGM calculates growth for students and groups of students (4:40) [WMV, 18.5MB].


Learn About The RIGM

Rhode Island Growth Model Resources

The resources below explain how various components of the RIGM are calculated and how data can be aggregated for groups of students (e.g., schools, districts).  These resources also highlight some of the useful features of the RIGM and provide information on how it can and/or will be used in the future.

Growth Model Visualization Tool

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The public release allows multiple stakeholders including educators, parents, students, and policy makers to view district- and school-level data for all public Rhode Island schools. 

Users of the tool can view Math and Reading proficiency and growth data for districts, schools, grade levels, and student groups. 

Go to the RIGMV Tool (public access)

A restricted access version of the RI Growth Model Visualization Tool allows district and school users to explore individual student growth data.  Access to this version is protected by a password so that confidential data are only accessible to authorized personnel.

Login to the RIGMV Tool via RIDEmap.

Resources for RI Educators

To help teachers better understand the RI Growth Model, RIDE is developing a series of recorded presentations. Below is a schedule for posting the series to RIDE’s website.

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The Rhode Island Growth Model for Teachers Series

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