Breakfast Matters Webinar Series

December 18, 2013
3:00 PM
Food Research and Action Center

"Community Eligibility: Creating Hunger-Free Schools" Part II: Building Momentum Through Improved Direct Certification and Outreach to Schools
Part II of our three part series will provide effective action steps to improve direct certification and systems to increase schools’ “Identified Student Percentage” for Community Eligibility. Speakers will also share effective outreach strategies to engage schools that are eligible to implement Community Eligibility in the 2014-15 school year.

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Summer Meals Matter Webinar - Setting the Stage for Success: Establishing Goals for the 2014 Summer Nutrition Programs
Following the momentum and increased attention on the Summer Nutrition Programs across the country this past year, communities can begin to focus their efforts and energy on beginning to plan for continued success in the programs this next year. Hear from state and federal administrators and advocates for the programs about their goals for next year and how they will be measuring success. Learn how you can start to develop your own participation and outreach goals for the communities you serve to reach even more children with the Summer Nutrition Programs in 2014.

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