About MyCNP Connect

CNP Connect Gateway is a secured web-based system for managing the Child Nutrition Programs. It is used by a Sponsor’s authorized staff to:

  • View, enter and/or update information about their organization and sites
  • View, enter and/or submit claims for reimbursement
  • Access, produce and print reports and program data

A Sponsor completes and submits a “Delegation of Authority” form to RIDE to add, change or delete a staff person’s access to CNP Connect Gateway. A RIDE approved user name and password must be used to access the CNP Connect secure website.

Access the CNP Connect Gateway

Questions and Answers about CNP Connect

Where do I obtain the Delegation of Authority form?

Download the following forms:

Information & directions for 1st time CNP Connect users

What if I forget my user name?

If you forget your user name, you need to contact RIDE for assistance.

For the School Lunch Program or Special Milk Program, contact Janis Goneconte at 401-222-4252.

For the CACFP or Summer Food Service Program, contact David Mattos at 401-222-4254.


I still can’t get into CNP Connect- what should I do?

Contact RIDE for assistance.

For the school lunch /breakfast program or special milk program contact Janis Goneconte at 401-222-4252

For the CACFP or Summer Food Service Program contact David Mattos at 401-222-4254.


Site Documents

Documents on this site require the use of the following programs:

DOC - Microsoft Word

PDF - Acrobat Reader

PPT - Microsoft PowerPoint

XLS - Microsoft Excel