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Federal Funds

Local Education Agencies (LEAs) in Rhode Island receive most of their federal funds through RIDE. These funds come from both allocation grants that are provided annually by formula as well as competitive grants.

More information about individual federal programs can be found on the U.S. Department of Education’s alphabetical list of programs.


RIDE has an Ombudsman for Equitable Services at ESSAOmbudsman@ride.ri.gov.

Accelegrants is Rhode Island’s online grant management system for the Federal Consolidated Resource Plan (CRP) grants including Title I, Title II, Title III, Title IV(a)Perkins, Adult Ed, and IDEA.

Registered users from LEAs

All recipients of CRP grants have multiple users assigned to roles to input and/or approve data. Registered users can submit grant applications, including creating budgets, amend approved applications and budgets, and submit requests for reimbursement for approved expenses.

Other interested people

People who are not registered users can search for specific school districts, state schools, and charter schools and see approved grant applications, approved budgets, and reimbursements that have been paid.

Data Search

At the log-in screen select the “Search” link on the left hand side to bypass the log-in requirement. Enter the name of the LEA you want to search for and click on the green dollar sign image next to the name of the LEA in the search results.

Document Search

The “Document Library” link, also on the left side of the initial Accelegrants screen and accessible without logging in, contains numerous documents about how Accelegrants works and about the federal grants that are housed within it.

Training Module

Forms for non-Accelegrants programs

Indirect Cost Rates

Federal Grant Officers

Each federal grant is assigned to a grant officer within the finance office:

Lisa Ellis
(401) 222-8954

Ronald Gonsalves Jr.
(401) 222-4653

David Luther
(401) 222-4652

Crystal Martin
(401) 222-8482

  • Subrecipient monitoring

Jennifer Patrie
(401) 222-4651

William Trimble
(401) 222-4650

RIDE has an Ombudsman for Equitable Services at ESSAOmbudsman@ride.ri.gov.