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Information & Accountability

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User-Friendly Data

We collect a wide range of data from all of our schools and districts, and we make the data available to educators and to the public through a variety of reports. Teachers, school leaders, elected officials, and other policymakers use our data to make decisions about everything from providing support for individual students to developing plans to turn around low-achieving schools to crafting laws and regulations that govern public education in our state.



RIDE collects and analyzes data on Rhode Island's 300 public schools.


How to Use Our Data

We've made our data user friendly so that all Rhode Islanders can easily comprehend how well our public schools are performing and where we need to accelerate our progress.

Information Improves Education

At RIDE, we are regularly measuring and analyzing data to determine what's working in our state's schools and to address what is not working as well. 

Find information on the following:

as well as other important information on assessment.