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Public Notification: Summer Food Service Program and Child and Adult Care Food Program Waiver Requests

The Rhode Island Department of Education plans on submitting a waiver request for relief from previously waived requirements of the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) and the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) during unexpected closures due to COVID-19:

  • SFSP - Area Eligibility – This waiver would allow sites to operate without meeting current area eligibility definitions, which require documentation that 50% or more of the children in the area qualify for free or reduced price meals.
  •  SFSP – Monitoring Requirements – This waiver would waive the requirements that Sponsors would need to complete a monitoring visit for all sites within the first week of operation.
  •  CACFP – Monitoring Requirement – This waiver would give Sponsors flexibility on monitoring requirements if centers close unexpectedly or are otherwise unable to conduct regular monitoring visits due to COVID-19
  •  CACFP – Meal Service at Sponsors, institutions and provider locations- This waiver would allow meals to be served at existing CACFP sites, even during times of site closure and without a congregate feeding requirement.
  •  CACFP – Meal Service at CACFP At-Risk locations - This waiver would allow meals to be served at existing At-Risk CACFP sites without offering enrichment activities or requiring a congregate meal service.

The goal of these waivers is to lessen the impact that COVID-19 has on our community. If granted, these waivers will give children across the state, access the nutritious meals that they would normally receive during a school day.

For more information on the program, call the Rhode Island Department of Education, Office of Statewide Efficiencies, Child Nutrition Programs at (401) 222-4253 or (401) 222-8936.