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Summer Academy for Interactive Learning (SAIL)

Please note: This page will be continuously updated as new information becomes available. For any questions, please email summer@ride.ri.gov

What is SAIL?

Rhode Island public schools have the opportunity to expand upon teaching and learning for their students through face-to-face Summer Camps and the Summer Academy for Interactive Learning (SAIL) program. SAIL is a temporary program designed to enhance the educational opportunities to our Pre-K thru Grade 12 students who suffered learning losses during the peak of Rhode Island’s COVID 19 health crisis. It aims to provide the children of Rhode Island access to a range of academic and enrichment educational opportunities that provide project-based learning, student-led seminars, and other learning opportunities that will promote student participation and engagement and growth and development. SAIL will serve students statewide but will prioritize programming and support to the children of Central Falls, Pawtucket, Providence, and Woonsocket.

Learning opportunities will be provided by schools, districts, nonprofit organizations, workforce training partners, businesses, colleges and universities from June 22, 2020 through August 28, 2020. SAIL has the potential to provide summer-long virtual opportunities that provide a course credit, summer-long opportunities that do not provide course credit, weekly or bi-weekly workshops and/or boot camps, daily reoccurring programming, and/or one-time programming. All face-to-face opportunities are required to meet RI Department of Health guidance and RIDOH regulations for Summer Camps. 

El Departamento de Educación de Rhode Island (RIDE), ofrece oportunidades de aprendizaje a distancia para los estudiantes de escuelas públicas matriculados en los grados PreK - 12 desde el 22 de junio de 2020 hasta el 28 de agosto de 2020. Este es un programa temporal diseñado para mejorar las oportunidades educativas para nuestros estudiantes que sufrieron pérdidas de aprendizaje durante el pico de la crisis de salud COVID 19 de Rhode Island.  

SAIL tiene el potencial de proporcionar clases de aprendizaje a distancia de verano que son equivalentes a un crédito del curso, oportunidades de verano que no son equivalentes a un crédito del curso, talleres semanales o quincenales y / o campamentos de entrenamiento, programación recurrente diaria, y / o programación de una sola vez que proporcionan a los estudiantes la oportunidad de participar en experiencias de aprendizaje académico o experiencias de enriquecimiento. Se recomiendan oportunidades de aprendizaje a distancia para optimizar la participación de los estudiantes.

For Students and Families

All course opportunities are FREE for students. Any public school student in Rhode Island is eligible to sign up. This course listing will be updated weekly as new courses are approved.

Póngase en contacto con summer@ride.ri.gov si tiene alguna pregunta.  

For Providers

Online / Virtual Opportunities

The Rhode Island Department of Education's request for competitive grant applications is now closed. 

Face-to-Face Opportunities

The Department of Human Services (DHS), has created an application outlining the Department of Health’s regulation (DOH) for any face-to-face summer programming. This DHS application should be completed by in-person programs serving more than 50 children. It addresses all the compliance needs for these for student summer camps in unlicensed care settings. Programs with fewer than 50 children will still need to complete the application but are not required to submit it to DHS.

Additionally, some face-to-face providers may already have plans and funding in place to support summer programming but face additional programming costs due to the regulations. For these providers there is an opportunity to apply for supplemental funding. The supplemental funding application does not offer a replacement for a program's traditional funding streams but is meant to support the added costs incurred to ensure proper cleaning, distance, and staffing measures are met for a successful summer.

Two webinars discussing the applications and answering any questions about the applications have already occurred. This webinar was recorded for those who were unable to attend.