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5-25-18 Field Memo

Commissioner’s Weekly Field Memo
Friday, May 25, 2018

Full memo

Notes from Commissioner Wagner

  1. Support for undocumented students
  2. Improved process for school construction projects
  3. RIDE encourages districts to check/revise diploma policies for students with disabilities
  4. RIDE staff update

From the R.I. Department of Education (RIDE)

Fellow Opportunity
  1. Teaching and Learning Fellow applications due June 23
School Facilities
  1. FY 2019 Housing Aid Forms
  2. FY 2018 Asset Protection Plans
Education Data
  1. Reminder: Coordinated Early Intervening Services in Enrollment Census
  2. Title I End of Year Data Collections
  3. Districts and schools requested to submit photos for ESSA Report Card
  4. Student/Educator Attendance Collection

From other organizations

  1. Rhode Island Model Legislature Spring Kickoff and Caucus on May 30
  2. Invitation to hear compelling results of CYC's Building Trauma Sensitive Schools initiative
  3. School One offers three writing workshops for students
  4. LEGO Robotics professional development offered in June for teachers and informal educators
  5. 2018 Quality Performance Assessment Summer Institute hosted by Center for Collaborative Education
  6. Scholarship opportunities for students serving in the National Guard
  7. The National Grid Energy Innovation Hub offering free summer learning programs