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Rhode Island requires that the English language proficiency (ELP) of all English language learners (ELLs) be measured annually with the ACCESS for ELLs.

Rhode Island is a member of the World Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) Consortium. WIDA is a consortium of twenty states dedicated to the design and implementation of high standards and equitable educational opportunities for English language learners. As a member of the WIDA Consortium, Rhode Island utilizes the ACCESS for ELLs to annually measure the English language proficiency (ELP) of ELLs across the state. The ACCESS for ELLs was developed by the Center for Applied Linguistics in collaboration with the WIDA Consortium. The ACCESS for ELLs is aligned to the WIDA Summative English Language Proficiency Standards and has been accepted by the United States Department of Education as a valid and reliable assessment of English proficiency.

Districts in Rhode Island utilize the WIDA Screener to screen the English language proficiency of newly enrolling students identified as potential ELLs. This screening tool is aligned to the WIDA Summative ELPS and the ACCESS for ELLs. It produces a proficiency score that helps schools provide ELL students with the most appropriate instruction for their English proficiency level.

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