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Comprehensive Assessment System (CAS)

student writingA comprehensive assessment system is a coordinated plan for monitoring the academic achievement of students from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12.

Goal of the System

The goal of the comprehensive assessment system is to:

  • increase student learning by producing actionable data,
  • evaluate the effectiveness of programs, and
  • ensure that all students are making progress toward achieving learning goals.

More Information

Click on a link below for more information about additional CAS initiatives:

CAS Guidance & Resources


The RI Criteria and Guidance for a Comprehensive Assessment System document can be viewed and downloaded below. The tools are intended for use in partnership with this document and as part of a collaborative process guided by the district or LEA.  Please note that the 'Criteria and Guidance' PDF and Appendices C-G contain the Sources section from the Full Document for referencing footnotes.

  • Full Document – Full document, including PDF versions of tools and the appendices.

Document Sections:

Additional Resources

Monthly webinar hosted by the Office of Instruction, Assessment & Curriculum on creating a Comprehensive Assessment System and other topics related to assessment.

ALL Webinars have been recorded and posted to this site for future reference and use within your schools/districts. Click the date to download / view the recorded webinar through Windows Media Player.

Trouble viewing a webinar? You may need to download and install a codec. The GoToMeeting codec allows you to watch recorded meetings using Windows Media Player 9 or higher without subscribing to GoToMeeting.

Date/ Recording Link Topic
October 12, 2011:
Webinar #3 Recording [WMV, 35.1MB]
Webinar #3 PowerPoint [PPT, 1MB] 
Topic: CAS & Student Learning Objectives
Duration: approx. 48 minutes.
December 14, 2011:
Webinar #6 Recording [WMV, 21.9MB]
Webinar #6 PowerPoint [PPT, 683KB]
Topic: Validity & Reliability
Duration: approx. 37 minutes.
January 11, 2012:
Webinar #7 Recording [WMV, 32MB]
Webinar #7 PowerPoint [PPT, 1.2MB]
Topic: Cultural & Linguistic Demands of Assessments
Duration: approx. 36 minutes.
March 14, 2012:
Webinar #9 Recording [WMV, 34.6MB]
Webinar #9 PowerPoint [PPT, 2.6MB]
Topic: What is Response to Intervention?
Duration: approx. 40 minutes.
May 9, 2012:
Webinar #11 Recording [WMV, 82.5MB]
Webinar #11 PowerPoint [PPT, 687KB]
RIGM Training Worksheet [PDF, 354KB]
Topic: The Rhode Island Growth Model
Duration: approx. 47 minutes.
June 13, 2012:
Webinar #12 Recording – Part 1 [WMV, 5.5MB]
Webinar #12 Recording – Part 2 [WMV, 322.5MB]
Webinar #12 PowerPoint [PPT, 1.9MB] 
Topic: Assessment in Early Childhood
Duration: Part 1: 8 minutes; Part 2: 30 minutes.
NOTE: Due to a technical glitch, this webinar is posted in two parts.
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