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Statewide Assessment Training

On this page, you can find information about all test coordination and test administration training sessions and online resources.

Test Administrator Training

All test administrators for all state assessments are required to be trained for each statewide assessment they will administer. To support test coordinators, RIDE has developed a Test Administrator Core Training that covers topics applicable across all state assessments.

The presentation is editable so that schools can include information about their cell phone policy, process for tracking secure materials, testing calendars, and any other test administration information specific to their school.

Please note that this training is a core training and intended to supplement assessment-specific materials and administration information. It does not take the place of any online training modules required for test administrators prior to administering certain assessments (e.g., DLM, NGSA).

Training Materials

Click on the name of the assessment to show a list of training materials (e.g., recordings, presentations, handouts).

UPDATE (3/13/20): The Digital PSAT10 Hands-on Training sessions scheduled for Monday, March 16 and Tuesday, March 17, have been canceled. 


Training opportunities for Test Coordinators, Test Administrators, and Technology Coordinators can be found on theWIDA ACCESS Preparation website.

Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) Alternate Assessments

Check out the Guide to Required Training (Rhode Island edition) (pdf) for the 2019-20 DLM Assessments.


Please download either the Test Coordinator or Test Administrator checklist before you access the links below. These checklists will help you navigate the steps needed to prepare efficiently for the 2019-20 DLM assessment administration.

National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)

The Nation's Report Card provides general information on its website for Staff and Administrators about participating in an administration of NAEP.

Next Generation Science Assessment (NGSA)

Next Generation Science Assessment (NGSA) Training

In-Person Training

March Refresher Webinar

Test Administrator Training Information: See the Test Coordinator Information tab for manuals and other resources needed by test administrators in order to successfully prepare for and administer the NGSA test.

Rhode Island Common Assessment System (RICAS)

RI PSAT10 and SAT School Day

PLEASE READ: All webinar recordings, presentations, and any additional information related to training will be posted below. Training dates, times, and locations can be found in the Test Coordinator Calendar Excel file (posted above) and the Google calendar at the bottom of this page.

Implementation Overview: Presentations and recordings will be posted after the webinar.

Accommodations and Supports Webinar: Review information about  the types of accommodations and the process to enter them into SSD Online as well as accommodations and accessibility features available for the digital PSAT10.

Digital Kickoff Webinar: Detailed overview of the digital administration procedures for PSAT 10.

  • Recording Link:
  • Presentation:

Online PSAT10 and SAT Test Coordinator and Proctor Training: Required training for SAT coordinators to review paper/pencil testing policies and procedures and for PSAT 10 coordinators to review computer-based (digital) testing policies and procedures.  Can be provided to proctors for either test, as necessary.

Hall and Room Monitor Training: Training presentation available for coordinators to provide to hall and room monitors.

  • When: February, 2020, use the presentation below to train hall and room monitors.
  • Where: On-demand training module
  • Suggested Audience: Any school staff filling the roles of hall and room monitors.
  • Presentation: 2020 version available in February.

Open Office Hours: Call in to ask any last-minute questions to the College Board team.

  • Where: Webinar
  • Registration Link: 

Understanding the PSAT10 and SAT School Day: Scores and Resources In-Person Workshop: Participants will review the state standards and the SAT Content Domains/Dimensions and identify where and when they teach the content and how confident they are that the students have mastered the skills necessary for success. Next, participants will analyze their school-level PSAT and SAT results and engage in an item-level analysis using a data protocol to further isolate areas for improvement. Finally, we will discuss the free resources available to support instruction and improve student outcomes.

Training Calendar

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