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Technical Reports and Manuals

Technical reports and manuals describe the technical details of the various assessments administered statewide in Rhode Island.

Reports are organized by assessment and then by year.


Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) Alternate Assessments

The reports below describe the technical aspects of the DLM alternate assessments. 


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National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)

Technical Documentation for all NAEP assessments since 2000 is available on the NAEP website. This documentation details item and instrument development, sample design and weighting, data collection, scoring, and data analysis for the assessments.

Next Generation Science Assessment (NGSA)

The technical reports for the Multi-State Science Assessment (MSSA) administered by Rhode Island (RI NGSA) and Vermont (VTSA) are posted below as PDFs unless otherwise noted. To request a copy, please email assessment@ride.ri.gov.


Rhode Island Comprehensive System (RICAS)

RI PSAT10 and SAT School Day

Information about test development and design for the PSAT and SAT suite of assessments can be found on the SAT Test Development website.