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Rhode Island is committed to ensuring all students have access to consistent and high-quality curriculum materials (HQCM).

High-quality curriculum materials are aligned to rigorous college- and career-ready standards. Since 2017, Rhode Island continues to partner with EdReports, a nationally recognized, independent non-profit organization, who provides expert reviews of instructional materials. EdReports provides free published reviews of K-12 instructional materials in English Language Arts (ELA), Mathematics, and Science based on alignment to standards and usability.

RI Curriculum Legislation

Having access to high-quality curriculum materials is an important component of increasing equitable access to a rigorous education that prepares every student for college and careers. Through this national movement to increase access through high-quality materials, in 2019, RIGL§ 16.22.30-33 was passed which requires the Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education, and RIDE, to accomplish the following:

  1. Develop statewide academic standards and curriculum frameworks;
  2. Identify at least five (5) examples of high-quality curriculum and materials for each of the core subject areas (English Language Arts, Mathematics, & Science);
  3. Support LEAs in the selection and implementation of curriculum materials.

This legislation requires that all RI LEAs adopt high quality curriculum materials in K-12 schools that are (1) aligned with academic standards, (2) aligned with the forthcoming curriculum frameworks, and (3) aligned with the statewide standardized test(s) (i.e. RICAS, PSAT/SAT), where applicable. Furthermore, this selection must be completed by June 2023 for mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA) and June 2025 for science. Respective to each content area, implementation should be in place by September following a June selection.

For questions about any content on this page, please email curriculum@ride.ri.gov.