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Comprehensive Literacy State Development Grant

RIDE was awarded 20 million dollars for the Comprehensive Literacy State Development (CLSD) Grant from the US Department of Education in October 2019.

Rhode Island’s CLSD grant has three main goals to be accomplished by the end of the five-year grant timeframe:

  1. Every grantee will be using a high-quality curriculum expertly to deliver coherent and aligned instruction for all students
  2. Every grantee will use evidence-based strategies and programs to support struggling readers in order to narrow the achievement gap for our target population in a cycle of continuous improvement
  3. Every participating family will feel welcome and able to support their students’ literacy development

  4. In order to achieve these three goals and to track progress throughout the grant period, RIDE developed several objectives for each age/grade subgroup of the grant: (A) Birth to Pre-Kindergarten, (B) Kindergarten to Grade 5, (C) Grades 6-12.

CLSD Grant Application Documents:

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