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Personal Literacy Plans

A Personal Literacy Plan (PLP) is a plan of action used to accelerate a student’s learning in order to move toward grade level reading proficiency.

A problem-solving approach is used to develop this plan in order to determine specific needs, establish short-term student goals, and set the course of action.

Students reading and taking notesThe cycle of student support follows:

  • Diagnose, Analyze, and Validate Need (s)
  • Design Intervention Plan
  • Implement Intervention
  • Review Progress Monitoring Data
  • Revise/Modify Support
  • Implement Revised/Modified Intervention
  • Use Assessments to Determine Discontinuation or Need for New Intervention

This process is inclusive because it involves teachers, parents, administrators, and other staff members.  Parents may choose not to participate with home support; however, they may not decline a PLP for their child.

The PLP Guidelines have been updated to reflect current initiatives including: Common Core State Standards, Comprehensive Assessment System: Rhode Island Criteria & Guidance document, Rhode Island Response to Intervention Framework, and Data Use Professional Development. While some terminology may differ between the Life Cycle of a PLP, elements of the RTI problem solving approach and the Data Use PD cycle of inquiry each utilizes data to improve student learning.

PLP Documents