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Career and Technical Education

CTE in Rhode Island is helping our state address key challenges — from student achievement to workforce development and from economic vitality to global competitiveness.

CTE programs in CTE centers, high schools, postsecondary institutions and adult skills training facilities are leading change, transforming expectations and making a difference.

Which road will you take? It could make all the difference
  • Improving the educational experience of learners by providing an engaging, relevant education that reduces dropout rates, and supports and improves student achievement. 
  • Contributing to the development of a skilled, sustainable workforce that is well prepared for the high-demand, high-skill and high-paying jobs of today and tomorrow.
  • Helping learners discover the wide range of career options available to them — and chart the most effective and efficient educational pathways for optimum value and success.
  • Working directly with business and industry in partnership to ensure that CTE programs are developing people with the skills, credentials and technical knowledge necessary to move Rhode Island toward the leading edge of innovation and global competitiveness.

CTE in Rhode Island is designed for individuals who are interested in entering the workforce and/or preparing for careers and who want to take advantage of post-secondary education and/or training opportunities. With more than 10 career and technical education centers, 54 high schools, charter schools, post-secondary institutions and adult programs in the network, Rhode Island learners have unprecedented access to a broad array of educational programs.

In Rhode Island, there are many different options for pursuing Career and Technical Education. Options include a choice of schools, career paths, work-based learning experiences and extracurricular activities, all leading to opportunities for individual advancement and acceleration. For many learners, applying technical and academic skills to real-world activities make CTE classes more interesting, engaging, and motivating than standard academic classes.

CTE not only gives learners a path to success, but it can also help reduce college tuition costs. CTE gives learners a competitive advantage for future postsecondary placement and/or employment opportunities.  Hands-on learning experiences are critical components of all CTE preparation programs.

2018 CTE Application for New Programs [PDF, 1163] [NEW] 

CTE Innovation & Equity Grant Application [PDF, 1008KB] [NEW]
CTE Innovation & Equity Grant Application Cover Page Template [DOCX, 166KB] [NEW]


CTE is part of PrepareRI, a statewide initiative 
to build career pathways for all Rhode Island youth. 
Learn more about PrepareRI at www.prepare-ri.org.