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Rhody Ready Logo

RI's College & Career Chatbot

Connect with RhodyReady by texting "Hi RhodyReady" to 401-567-2822


Please help us spread the word! Download the RhodyReady flyer here! [PDF, 55 KB]

NEW for Seniors! Check out the scholarship bot available for FREE to all RI seniors.

Text #scholarshipbot to RhodyReady.


What is RhodyReady?

Welcome to RI’s college and career chatbot texting tool.

Planning for the future can be complex and information is often scattered across multiple sources. RhodyReady is designed to increase access to information for Rhode Island high school students, supporting the college and career journey along the way.

Working 24/7 to answer questions, high school juniors and seniors across the state may ask for help and receive personalized responses based on the bot’s capabilities. Students can also receive periodic text messages, like important deadlines and internship opportunities.


How does RhodyReady work?

Currently, the chatbot is focused on supporting high school juniors and seniors.

Connect with RhodyReady by texting “Hi RhodyReady” to 401-567-2822 and answer a few questions to get started. Anyone can use the chat feature below to ask questions too.


While RhodyReady is learning more about this great State, below are links to additional resources focused on college and career readiness



RhodyReady Chatbot is now LIVE!
You will find this tool in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen