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School Calendar

This page provides information about the calendar for all public schools in Rhode Island.

RIDE has posted a Statewide School Calendar for all public schools.

View the 2022-23 Statewide Calendar

Please note the following about public school calendars in Rhode Island:

  • Last day of school is subject to change due to school closings that may occur throughout the year.
  • School closing dates may vary depending upon the completion of the 180 school day minimum. Families and staff should check with their local LEAs and schools for specific schedules.
  • Most charter schools will be following a similar schedule as the district in which they are located (call the school for exceptions).
  • Please contact your district for specifics on parent-teacher conference days.

2022-23 Statewide Calendar


One of the key supports for our school communities during the COVID-19 pandemic has been utilizing a statewide school calendar so that all Rhode Island students, educators and families are operating on an aligned schedule. A unified school calendar ensures that educators from across the state have the opportunity to prepare and engage in professional development opportunities to better serve students and families. This calendar allows:

  • The LEA to make the decision on the first day of school.
  • The inclusion of any holidays the school community observes, which are noted in green.
  • Alignment of vacation weeks, which provides consistency for families and staff.
  • Alignment of professional learning opportunities, which allows us to pool our resources and utilize state-offered professional learning. There are four days in the school calendar where there will be state-wide PD offerings. LEAs can use these days as a guide for their PD days and plan with other districts. One PD day can be a distance learning day. If this option is chosen, LEAs will note the day on the academic calendar they submit to RIDE.
  • Flexibility to LEAs on the last day of school, depending on the year start date, PD days, and holidays, still requiring 180 days minimum of learning.

Families and staff should check with their local LEAs and schools for specific schedules.


View the 2021-2022 School Calendar