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Educator Preparation Fellowship and Design Challenge





In November 2017, the Rhode Island Department of Education and the Rhode Island Office of Innovation launched a new fellowship for distinguished educators who are interested in innovation in educator preparation.  The fellows engaged in monthly meetings to learn more about design thinking and about educator preparation in Rhode Island.  

Beginning in June 2018, educator preparation programs in Rhode Island have the opportunity to collaborate with our Ed Prep Design Fellows to design and pitch an innovative preparation program to a panel of judges.  The winning team(s) will receive $15,000 to support implementation of their new idea.  

Interested in learning more?

  • Meet our Ed Prep Design Fellows.[PDF, 800KB]
  • Read details about the Ed Prep Design Fellowship [PDF, 1.6MB]
  • Access the overview of the Ed Prep Design Challenge [PDF, 457KB]
  • Read the rubric used to assess the Ed Prep Design Challenge [PDF, 470KB]

Are you part of an Ed Prep Design Challenge team and are you ready to submit your idea?  Send up to 5 pages typed or up to 20 slides to Sarah Whiting at sarah.whiting@ride.ri.gov by 5 pm on July 31, 2018.  Make sure you address the indicators in the rubric within your application!

SAVE THE DATE!  We invite all prep programs, educators, and community members to join us for our Ed Prep Pitch Fest on August 15, 2018!

Overview of the Design Challenge, 2017-18
October 27 -
November 22
November 23 -
December 1
December -
June -
PK-12 educators apply for the fellowship
RIDE and the Innovation Office select a diverse group of fellows
Fellows meet monthly to learn about key design elements of educator preparation
Fellows and ed prep leaders collaborate to develop a proposal for an innovative preparation program idea
Fellows and ed prep leaders pitch their ideas for a chance to win $15,000 to support further design and implementation
Educator preparation leaders meet quarterly as part of a catalyst series focused on leadership and change management
Prep-RI   State of Rhode Island Office of Innovation