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Civil Rights Comprehension Quiz

1. Through your data collection procedures, you recognize that even though the community you serve is comprised of a large Hispanic population (60 percent), only four percent of enrolled Hispanics have completed a meal eligibility form.

What outreach efforts would you take to increase the return of meal eligibility forms?
(check all that apply)

2. You have leftovers following the last meal service period and offer the extra to the boys. Is this practice discriminatory?

3. A family does not want to identify their ethnic or race background on the application. What should you do?

4. A child-care center does not provide infant food and/or formula to infants in their care and requires parents to supply these items. Is this a civil rights issue?

5. Children whose first language is Cambodian are asked to sit together at a Cambodian-speaking table at meals. Is this a civil rights issue?