School Breakfast Program

In Rhode Island, the School Breakfast Program provides balanced, low-cost or free breakfasts to an average of about 29,000 children daily. Program participants include public school districts, private schools, residential child care institutions, and state schools. Sponsors are reimbursed for meals served which meet USDA guidelines.

State law mandates that all public schools provide a breakfast program.

As in the lunch program, children from families with income:

  • Up to 130% of poverty level are eligible for free meals program.
  • Between 130 to 185% of poverty level are eligible for reduced-price meals ($.30 or less).
  • Over 185% of poverty pay a price determined by the school or institution for their subsidized meal.
  • 85% of the breakfasts served in Rhode Island are served free or at a reduced price.

Training & Training Resources

Here you’ll find any upcoming trainings, videos available for viewing, and links to helpful training resources.

Here is a description of the current breakfast meal pattern.

Nutrition & Wellness

USDA Nutrition Programs are designed to improve the health and well-being of children and adults. Here is additional information on nutrition and wellness.

Here are resources to establish and expand your School Breakfast Program.

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Reimbursements Rates and Processing Claims

The Reimbursement and Claims section provides information on USDA reimbursement rates, and RIDE's CNP Connect secure claims processing and management system.

USDA reimbursement rates are updated on a yearly basis. Here are the current reimbursement rates.

CNP Connect includes a secure section for processing meal claims.  For additional information on filing meal claims, visit the My CNPConnect site.

Program Data & Finance

This section provides local and national data on the School Breakfast Program, and information about fiscal aspects of the Program.

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