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PSAT10 and SAT School Day

Beginning in the 2017-18 school year, the PSAT10 and the SAT assessments will be administered to all 10th and 11th grade high school students in Rhode Island.

The PSAT10 and SAT School Day replaced the PARCC assessments at high school. This will ensure that all students can use the SAT to consider higher education opportunities. Increasing participation in the PSAT10 and the SAT is the first step to having more students be college and career ready. These assessments maintain an appropriately high standard for Rhode Island students and should be a good tool to help the state close the gap between expected future job requirements for post-secondary education and current college enrollment and completion.

For information about the following topics for PSAT/SAT, please follow the link to its corresponding page:

PSAT 10 and SAT Materials Shipment Information

Below is information student registration, materials ordering, and shipping information. Updated 1/16/20

Digital PSAT10 Student Registration

RIDE will be providing College Board with daily student registration files in order to accommodate updates in enrollment made by districts. Updates will be visible in the College Board TIDE on the following day. The last file will be sent on April 29, 2020, the day before the makeup test day. Please note the following:

  • Any student who exited/unenrolled from your school will remain in the College Board TIDE. The College Board systems do not allow students to be deleted; ignore these student names. Your school will not be held accountable for testing these students.

SAT Makeup Day Test Materials

  • Student who were not able to test on your school's primary test day (either March 25 or April 14, 2020) or in the accommodated testing window, should test on your school's makeup day (either April 14 or April 28, 2020).
  • All purple test books used on your school's primary test day should be sent back to College Board (schools are responsible for arranging their own UPS pickup time). Test booklets should be ordered specifically for the makeup day.
  • Test Coordinators will receive an email from College Board with a link to request SAT makeup materials for the makeup date for your school. The deadlines for ordering make-up materials are:
    • March 25th test date: March 27, 2020
    • April 14th test date: April 16, 2020
    • If you miss the deadline and need materials, please contact Sarah Thaler at sthaler@collegeboard.org. NOTE: After ordering materials, there will be no confirmation email.
  • SAT test materials for the makeup day will arrive either on Friday, April 19 or Monday, April 22.

PSAT10 Makeup Day Test Materials:

  • Students who were not able to test from April 14-30, 2020 or in the accommodated testing window, should test on April 30, 2020.
  • Students who need to take the digital PSAT10 on April 30 will be in the TIDE system so no paper tests need to be ordered unless you have students who fit the following situations:
    • Is a homeschooled student testing at your school.
    • Is a student who uses an accommodation that requires a paper test and who missed the accommodated test window.
  • Hold any return materials (irregularity reports, seating charts, copy of NAR) until all students have complete testing on April 30, 2020.
  • If you students test using paper/pencil, send answer sheets back when all students testing on paper are finished.
  • Keep the PSAT 10 test books. You do not need to return any PSAT 10 test booklets to College Board.

UPS Pickup of Test Materials

Updated 1/16/20: College Board will not arrange UPS pickups of test materials.Schools will need to arrange pickup of test materials on their own with UPS or, if you have a regularly-scheduled UPS pickup at your school, materials can be given to the driver at that time. For students testing in the SAT accommodated testing window, hold all testing materials and return them when all students have finished testing.

Student Participation in the State Assessments: PSAT10 and SAT

Participating in the SAT School Day and PSAT10 School Day 

This is a clarification of who can participate in the Rhode Island statewide administration of the RI SAT School Day and PSAT10 tests. This information applies only to the dates published by RIDE for RI SAT School Day and PSAT10 and do not apply to any other administrations. Dates for the Rhode Island statewide administration for all state assessments can be found on the Assessment Schedules page of this website. 

  • Public School Students: It is expected that students attending public school in Rhode Island will participate in the required tests for their current grade level. Public school students are expected to participate in the PSAT10 administration in grade 10, and the RI SAT School Day or the alternate assessments in grade 11.
  • Students Attending Outplacement Schools: It is expected that students attending an outplacement school, whose tuition is paid for by a Rhode Island LEA, will participate in the required tests for their current grade level. Students attending outplacement schools are expected to participate in the PSAT10 administration in grade 10, and the RI SAT School Day or DLM alternate assessments in grade 11.
  • Alternate Assessment Students: Students who qualify for the alternate assessments will not take the RI SAT School Day or the PSAT10. 
    • Tenth-grade students will not participate in state assessments. There are NO alternate assessments at the 10th grade.
    • Eleventh-grade students will take the Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) alternate assessments in English language arts, mathematics, and science. 
  • Homeschooled Students: Any homeschooled student living in Rhode Island can participate in the in the March, 2020 or April, 2020  PSAT10 administration in grade 10 and the RI SAT School Day in grade 11 free of charge. This does not apply to any other College Board test administrations (Saturday administrations, 8/9 PSAT, NMSQT, AP tests, or School Day administrations in any month or date other than what is published by RIDE).
    • Parents: If you are interested in having your homeschooled student participate in either of these assessments, please contact your district office and notify them that your child will participate in either the PSAT10 or RI SAT at the high school in your city or town. 
    • Districts: Enrollment information for any homeschooled student must be updated in the Enrollment Census through eRIDE. Scores of homeschooled students will not be used for accountability purposes. Use the following to ensure the students can be correctly identified:
      • Enrollment Type = H (Homeschooled)
      • Enrollment record must be active
      • Grade = either 10th or 11th grade
      • School Code = xx190. This is the "district" school or other homeschool "school" designated by your district in the Enrollment Census
      • School Code Out = xx900
      • SASID = Each homeschooled student should have a valid SASID
      • Additionally: 
        • Testing materials for homeschooled students:
          • SAT: Schools should use test booklets shipped as overage.
          • PSAT10: Schools should contact Sarah Thaler at sthaler@collegeboard.org to order paper test booklets for PSAT10. RIDE cannot register students for the digital PSAT10.
        • Student Answer Sheets should be completed with the homeschooled indicator bubbled in (box 2). 
        • Provide each parent with the school’s preadministration and test day schedules, student privacy letter, and any other necessary information.

More information on statewide assessment participation requirements for Rhode Island students:

Student Privacy Letter Information

Student Privacy Information

Below is information on College Board's policies regarding the use of student personal information. While the letter below will be included in the materials shipments to schools for the 2020 administration of the RI SAT School Day with Essay, districts/schools may decide to distribute the letter to families at any time prior to testing using the PDF version below.

Additional information on College Board policies regarding how student data will be used is below. Please direct any questions to College Board at: Sarah Thaler at sthaler@collegeboard.org or John Fallon jfallon@collegeboard.org.

  • If a student affirmatively opts into Student Search by checking “yes” on the answer sheet, College Board may share information with institutions of higher education or scholarship providers that are seeking students who meet specific criteria, regardless of whether the institutions of higher education or scholarship providers provide payment or other consideration to College Board. Data for students who expressly consent to the program are licensed to Higher Education institutions, but do not include social security numbers (SSN), actual test scores (searchable by bands only), disability status, or phone numbers.  As part of the explanation of the collection, use and sharing of this data that is given as part of the written consent process, College Board provides information explaining how the data will be licensed.  
  • Score Reporting to Schools and Districts. The College Board will report student’s score information to the State DOE, schools and districts. Through its online reporting portal, which allows schools and districts to view aggregate and student level data for participating students, and also to see certain aggregate data.
  • Score Reporting to Students. Paper and online reports are delivered to students after each administration of the SAT.
  • SAT Question and Answer Services: Students may purchase reports that detail their individual answers and questions for disclosed forms.  For non-disclosed forms, students can receive answer summaries with question topics and difficulty levels.
  • Other Ways the College Board uses Student’s data. Providing Students Access and Opportunities to Services to Help them Achieve and Exceed Their Potential, consistent with all applicable laws.  

    (i) Access to Opportunity (A2O): College Board implements interventions designed to help students navigate the college planning, application and financial aid processes.  A2O identifies students who are on-track or high achieving, combined with low-income tagging or fee waiver use, and provide them with resources, including college application fee waivers, designed to address barriers they may face in the path to college access.
    (ii) Realize Your College Potential: Realize Your College Potential (RYCP) is part of ongoing research that sends packets of customized college information and college application fee waivers to high achieving, low-income, high school seniors.
    (iii)  State Scholarship Feeds/Data: State Higher Education Departments that offer scholarship to instate students can receive scores files for students meeting residency criteria.
    (iv) Enhancing and Customizing Student Practice: Students may opt-in to have their scores and key metadata shared with Khan Academy, so that their free SAT Preparation course can be tailored better to meet their needs.
    (v) Research College Board may use psychometric non-identifiable data obtained from student test-takers to ensure that tests are unbiased and created for students of all races, genders, and cultures.

How to Create Test Coordinator and SSD Coordinator Accounts

In preparation for administering the PSAT10 and SAT School Day, each high school must have the following (a person can fill more than one role, if necessary):

  • SAT School Day Supervisor
  • PSAT10 Supervisor
  • SSD Coordinator (Services for Students with Disabilities)
  • Back-up Supervisor(s)

Accessing College Board:

Standards Alignment and Other Resources

SAT and CCSS Standards Alignment (pdf). This document contains an alignment analysis of both mathematics and English language arts Common Core State Standards and the SAT assessments.

SAT Test Specifications Documents. All documents below contain test specifications, including distribution of items, percentages of items across subdomains, for reading, writing and language, and mathematics. These documents are also posted in the Score Interpretation and Content Alignment Workshop tab.

SAT Practice at Khan Academy. This site offers College Board-approved practice activities for students preparing for the SAT.

Score Interpretation and Content Alignment Workshop Materials

Below is the presentation and related materials from the SAT and PSAT10 Content Workshop held in May, 2018. This presentation will walk you through the standard setting process used by College Board and through a similar process using the sample materials below. 

SAT Test Specifications Documents. These documents are also posted in the Standards Alignment and Other Resources tab.

Achievement Level Descriptions (ALDs)