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Data Use PD

The Data Use Professional Development series provides Rhode Island educators with the knowledge, tools, and structures to effectively use data to inform instruction.

In small cohorts of no more than 25 educators, teams from each school and district representatives join together in a year-long, tiered professional development series designed to teach educators how to collaboratively analyze relevant student data to inform educational decisions and increase student achievement outcomes.

In addition to meeting in cohorts, educators will also be provided a data coach that will visit each individual school up to three times throughout the school year to provide on-site, tailored support in using data.

Data Use PD Project Details


Amplify, formerly Wireless Generation, was selected to develop and deliver the Data Use Professional Development series with RIDE. Using Rhode Island educator feedback and specific data on each district and its schools will allow RIDE and Amplify to develop the most appropriate professional development offerings for Rhode Island schools. In partnership with RIDE, Amplify will deliver a rigorous, tiered professional development series on the use of data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the materials from the training?

Any materials from the training, including PowerPoint presentations, turnkey materials, and additional resources are available electronically from the Data Analysis Coaches.

Is the training customized?

The training content has been customized to meet Rhode Island educators’ diverse needs. Using the results from the needs assessments, focus groups, and multiple conversations with LEA stakeholders, we have designed the training for Rhode Island educators. Although the content of the training is finalized before the trainings begin, Data Coaches are able to differentiate the delivery of the materials to meet the needs of cohorts, altering the pace, work time, and conversations as needed. Additionally, the Data Coaches will customize the on-site coaching visits to meet the needs of each school, conferring with the School Data Leadership Team before the visit to maximize time together.

What data sources are available publicly?

There are many data sources available publicly on RIDE’s Rhode Island Education Data website. Click here to view different data sources, including: l Additionally, visit the Information & Accountability main page to learn more about other user-friendly data sources in Rhode Island.

Is there Race to the Top funding available for the Data Use Professional Development series?

The Data Use Professional Development series is funded through RTTT.

Who should participate on the School Data Leadership Team?

Every building principal will be a member of the School Data Leadership Team (SDLT).  Principals will be joined by three building educators to form a team of four.  At least one of the three building educators should have a flexible schedule and therefore RIDE recommends that one member of the team not be a classroom teacher.  Educators who are passionate about collaboration and school improvement are great candidates for the School Data Leadership Team. Guidance is provided to districts and principals on putting together an effective SDLT.  See the Resources tab.

How will this work be sustained after the Race to the Top funding is exhausted?

By investing in educators at the district and school level and putting structures in place during the year of professional development, schools will be better prepared to maintain the culture of collaboration and data use. Additionally, the last professional development offering of the year, the Sustainability Planning Workshop, is dedicated to creating sustainability plans so that the culture and practices of data use continues in subsequent years.

Will the training be appropriate for all levels of participants?

The training will be tiered to meet the needs of all levels of participants. The Data Use Professional Development Series is designed to meet all participants at their current levels to maximize learning and success of implementation. Using the results of the self-assessments completed by each building principal, each School Data Leadership Team (SDLT) is assigned to an appropriate tier of training. The SDLT will join other schools with similar needs in a cohort to ensure that the needs of all data users are being met while participating in the professional development series.

What can I be doing now to prepare for the Data Use Professional Development series?

Districts participating in the 2013-14 School Year should identify a District Data Liaison. Data liaisons will own this work at the district level and will be critical to sustaining this work across districts. (Note – for larger districts, there may be more than one District Data Liaison selected.) Additionally, districts should consider whether they have adequate space available at the district or school level to accommodate the trainings for the professional development series. Please see the following question for a description of the space required. 

Where will the training occur?

The majority of the Data Use Professional Development offerings will take place at a centralized location, preferably at the district level.  Some schools may also have adequate training space on location if a room is not available at the district level.  The 3-day intensive institute, the “just-in-time” professional development workshops, and the planning/reflection workshop will all be held at a designated space with the following characteristics:
  • Capacity for 25 participants plus one trainer
  • At least six tables with adult-sized chairs
  • 1 table for trainer’s equipment, with access to electrical outlet and/or a power strip
  • LCD projector and screen
  • Working Internet access
  • Restrooms
  • A contact person from the location responsible for receiving, storing, and delivering all training materials to the room for each session
During the on-site visits, Data Analysis Coaches will visit each school in his/her cohort individually three times throughout the school year to facilitate data meetings, provide individual coaching, and/or assist with collecting/analyzing data with the School Data Leadership Team.

Who are the Data Analysis Coaches?

The Data Analysis Coaches are all educators, including classroom teachers, principals, and professional development facilitators. Combined, their professional experiences come from Rhode Island and nationally. Amplify provides rigorous training and ongoing support to all its coaches. Data Analysis Coaches are passionate about working with fellow educators to increase student achievement.
District Data Liaison Webinar - Webinar Recording
District Data Liaison Webinar - Webinar Recording
School Data Leadership Team Webinar - Webinar Recording
School Data Leadership Team Webinar - Webinar Recording