State Education Aid / Funding Formula

The state of Rhode Island provides direct financial support to public schools and public school students through state aid. 

Currently, state aid consists of:

  • formula aid distributed to LEAs, including school districts and charter schools;
  • categorical funding outside of the distributed aid; and
  • funds distributed to districts once a year for specific purposes, e.g., a per pupil amount to each school district for each group home bed licensed in the district, reimbursements for providing textbooks to non-public schools and a partial subsidy for school breakfast meals served.

Funding Formula Distribution

FY 2016 AID*

FY 16 Formula Updates - March 2015 Data (4/24/15)

FY 16 Governor's Recommended Aid (3/12/15)

Local Aid Payment Rates for Charter Schools, Davies and Met

Local Aid Payment Rates for Anchor Learning Academy (Recovery High School)

*Subject to change by the General Assembly

FY 2015 AID

Enacted FY 15 Education Aid Entitlements (6/16/14)

FY 15 Education Aid Payment File (6/16/14)