We are strengthening neighborhood schools and giving every student the opportunity to succeed.

Empowerment Schools

The 2016 General Assembly enacted the School and Family Empowerment Act (Chapter 3.2 in Article 11) rooted in the belief that if we are going to help all of our children reach their full potential, it will be because we empower the educators closest to students. The Empowerment Act provides educators and community leaders the voluntary opportunity to reimagine and implement their vision for an excellent school by taking advantage of unprecedented levels of school-based autonomy and regulatory flexibility.

Later this summer, RIDE will release detailed information on the process and next steps regarding how districts and educators can volunteer to become an empowerment school. In addition, RIDE will release information about grant opportunities that will provide leadership development opportunities for educators interested in developing and leading an empowerment school.

Interested in leading an empowerment school? Have a vision for an empowerment school that will provide an excellent, innovative education to Rhode Island’s students? Please let RIDE know through the following link (tinyurl.com/riempowermentschools). We will follow up with you shortly to learn more about your vision and to share opportunities to participate in communities of practice with likeminded leaders.

2016 RI State of Education Address

Commissioner Wagner highlighted three strategies to support Rhode Island students and schools in his 2016 State of Education Address (leer aquí en español: El estado de la educación pública en Rhode Island, 2016):

  • providing access to advanced classes to help kids build the skills that matter for future success;
  • re-imagining how we do schooling for the 21st century – with rigor, relevance, and student engagement; and
  • empowering principals, teachers, and families

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A number of educators and community members have expressed support for our approach for helping kids succeed and strengthening neighborhood schools - read what they're saying!

Watch the 2016 State of Education Address here on Capitol TV