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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates and Resources

Updates and resources for the Rhode Island community about the coronavirus.

Friday, May 29 Updates

Rhode Island Department of Education Operations

As we strive to keep our students and community healthy and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, RIDE's reception area and in-person certification office will be closed, and we will not hold in-person meetings or events. Our RIDE team will continue to be available to you by email or phone:

Resources and Information

We want to ensure you have access to the latest information about COVID-19.

General Information

Resources for Distance Learning

Resources and Tips for Families

Resources for Education Preparation, Evaluation, & Certification

  • Educator Preparation Provider (EPP) COVID-19 Plans: RIDE has reviewed all RI EPP COVID-19 plans and provided feedback. Based on these reviews, we recognize that all EPP plans have met the expectations that each program established as a Rhode Island approved provider. Thus, candidates put forward as program completers during the COVID-19 pandemic will be recognized as such by RIDE.
  • EPP COVID-19 Plan Update: RIDE has requested that EPPs complete and submit this plan update if unique elements of summer and fall instruction or clinical experience were not explicitly addressed in the initial plan.
  • Testing and Licensure Guidance: Updated COVID-19 guidance on testing--specifically requirements need for certification, program completion, and admission into educator preparation programs.
  • COVID-19 Temporary Initial Certification Guidance Memo: Additional guidance to EPPs and candidates explaining how those candidates who have not yet taken nor passed required tests for certification will be issued a Temporary Initial certificate instead of a full initial certificate. 
  • Educator Evaluation Guidance