PREP-RI: Performance Review for Educator Preparation - Rhode Island

RIDE believes that effective educators are crucial for ensuring that all RI students are college- and career-ready upon graduating from high school.

To that end, it is RIDE’s expectation that every educator who completes a RI educator preparation program will:

  • Demonstrate PK-12 student achievement;
  • Be ready to succeed in Rhode Island schools; and
  • Serve as leaders and professionals.

PREP-RI provides a structure for reviewing programs to determine if a provider or prospective provider is offering a high-quality program that meets the RI Standards for Educator Preparation.

PREP-RI is designed to meet three goals:

  1. Assess performance of individual programs
  2. Assess aggregate quality of educator preparation providers
  3. Provide meaningful feedback to programs and providers

Additional Information

Overview of PREP-RI

PREP-RI Process Guide [PDF, 1.18MB] introduces Educator Preparation Providers to the process which their programs will be reviewed, evaluated, and approved in order to recommend candidates for certification in RI.

Rhode Island Standards for Educator Preparation [PDF, 428KB] set the expectation for high-quality programs. Embedded are the expectations that providers and programs ensure that program completers are ready from day one to be successful educators who positively impact student learning.

PREP-RI Performance Rubric [PDF, 544KB] describes levels of performance for each component of the standards. The rubric gives structure to the performance review and supports program continuous improvement.

PREP-RI Visit Materials

Provider Organization Sheet [DOCX, 88KB] is used to communicate the organizational structure and contact information with RIDE. 

Evidence Organizers structure and organize the evidence, create an opportunity for programs to set a context for the evidence, and detail the required evidence.  Each organizer includes a purpose and directions, space for brief program narratives, and a list of required evidence.  

  1. Pre-Visit Evidence Organizer
  2. On-Site Evidence Organizers
Other Visit Materials Exit Meeting Protocol [PDF, 227KB]

New Program Application Materials

All providers seeking to start a new program in Rhode Island should consult the Guide for New Program Approval [PDF, 623KB].  This document includes timelines, application prerequisites, and approval requirements. The guide is for both providers seeking approval in RI as well as currently approved providers seeking to add programs.   

Templates referenced in the guide are the following:

Applicants should review and consider referencing current RI-specific employment and certification data.  Suggested resources to support applicants in specifying the demand for their program may include the Emergency Certificates Annual Report, the Newly Certified Educators Report, and/or the RI Educator Preparation Indices.  Current providers may also consider referring to their completer in-state past performance by referencing data from the EPP Reports tab.  

Providers seeking to make a significant change in their approved program must confirm the change with RIDE prior to making the adjustment.  

Important Resources

Standard 1 Selected Resources

Action Plan Template requires programs and providers to identify specific actions that will be taken and timelines that will be followed to address recommendations for improvement.  (Coming soon)