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Funding Formula Working Group

The Funding Formula Working Group will examine whether the state education aid formula is working as intended with the intent to provide an initial report in early 2016.

This working group, established by executive order, is part of a regular review of Rhode Island's education funding formula that was signed into law five years ago to allocate state aid to public schools based on student enrollment, student poverty levels, and community wealth.


  • Other supporting and meeting documentation are posted in the Meeting Materials tab.
  • Written public comments and other materials received are part of the public record and are posted under Other Materials.

Click here to read the final report resulting from the Funding Formula Working Group:
"Recommendations for Improvement of
Rhode Island’s Permanent Foundation Education Aid Formula"

Thank you to the members of the Funding Formula Working Group for the many hours of
collective effort they dedicated to improving the educational conditions for
Rhode Island’s students, teachers, schools, and communities.